Undoubtedly, becoming one the best strippers Sydney has to offer takes some level of sacrifice. However, as a customer looking to get entertained by the best strippers Sydney has to offer, there are some things you should be quite familiar with. This article will talk about some 5 major things Sydney strippers wished their customers knew alongside some additional tips. 

We’ll be discussing these things from some Sydney strippers’ perspective

Don’t ask a dancer for personal information.

“Every girl has her own set of limits, so you can always ask/communicate with her and find out what she is and is not comfortable with “a woman said. “Because it’s a way for me to keep my identity hidden from potentially predatory guys, my stripper name is the only name you’ll get. No, you won’t have my phone number because a person’s phone number will reveal a lot of things about them. We have the right to defend ourselves because this sector is already underground and stigmatized.

It’s critical for customers to note that this is a transactional arrangement. Another commenter described the ideal customer as someone who says, “I would value you as an individual by paying you for your labor and expertise.” She compares her work to that of any other service sector employee: “I don’t know how this differs from the guy who believes the girl at the coffee shop is flirting with him. She needs to be friendly when she’s at work, dude. Smile, pay for your latte, and walk away, unless you’re planning on buying another latte. click here to learn about tips for strippers.

No haggling or trying to get freebies.

One of the reasons men try to “get to know” a dancer is that they believe it would result in them receiving preferential treatment or a discount. That’s not going to happen, guys. Also, arguing over price isn’t going to get you too far. One self-described “veteran” stripper said, “Never attempt to haggle with the dancer about what this money will buy you in another bar.” “As with lap dances, don’t bother the waitresses; get a dance from the dancer.”

Another stripper wants her customers to follow three basic, straightforward rules: “You will pay per song. Before you touch, make sure you have permission. Don’t ask for lips or oral kisses.”

And finally… Be careful what you wear in a strip club.

Not how consumers behave, but what they wear and what to do to prevent embarrassment in the unusual lighting was one of the most surprising pieces of knowledge to appear on the thread. One message read, “Make sure you don’t pour laundry detergent directly on your clothes while doing the wash or you’ll look like a hot ass mess in the club’s black lights.” “Laundry detergent phosphors are basically black light dye.”

Buy at least a couple of drinks and a few dances while you’re there

The club, it’s hot bartenders, and professional dancers depend on you to be a patron, not a parasite, in order to get free cable.

Offer a girl a cocktail 

If you’re interested in spending time with her, and if you’re not interested in a lap dance please be polite when turning her down while you offer her a cocktail.  

Whether you’re a tittie-bar first-timer or a hardcore connoisseur, here are some additional etiquette guidelines for how to best behave at a gentleman’s club:

  • If you’re sitting near the stage, offer each artist at least one dollar per performance. When you’re with a group of people, you should all be spending money, not just one of you.
  • When it comes to money, a girl will spend more time with you if you give her $5 instead of a dollar. Entertainers must pay a ‘home tax’ to work, and they work for tips in the same way as waitresses do.
  • Understand the club’s rules. Each is unique; some allow for more “mileage” (contact) than others. Inquire about the particular striptease’s limitations.
  • This is the perfect “fake first date” scenario. The guys are there to play out their fantasies, while the girls are there to sell them, not to carry them out for you. If you don’t want to touch anyone, don’t touch them.
  • The dancers aren’t there to date you, so don’t press for their phone numbers. They aren’t private escorts; instead, they offer a public service in an R-rated playground.
  • When you don’t press for their actual names, the pole artists like it. They all have alter egos and keep their personal life to themselves.
  • Are you new to a place? Make friends with the VIP host. He’ll assist you in locating the blonde, brunette, redhead, Black, Asian, or Latina you need. If you tip this man $20 (or more), you’ll get the best seat in the theater.
  • It’s crucial how you look and show yourself. You’ve come to make an impression. Body odor is unappealing. Please shower before going out and chew gum to keep your air fresh. Ladies approach men who are well-dressed and smell fresh.
  • Just sure you don’t feel too tipsy. The ladies don’t want you to puke in the shower or get buyer’s remorse the next day, and they just want you to get home safely.
  • And the final tip? Here’s one for the females:

Don’t worry about the ladies who come in with their guys. The strippers don’t try to take him from you because you’re a couple. But, missy, the “no touching” maxim still applies to you – just because you’re of the same sex doesn’t mean you should grope the ladies. When having a lap dance, please wear panties and wash your vagina if you are wearing a miniskirt that reaches your waist. When they’re between your legs, dancers notice everything. learn more about a good dancer visit https://www.penguin.com.au/books/night-dancer-9780224093835

Final thoughts 

With this info, you should have an idea as regards how to act in a Sydney strip club. This will earn you respect and also allow the Sydney strippers to do their jobs smoothly. This way, the best strippers Sydney has to offer will serve you well. 

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